Sample ToDo Task Application

Sample ToDo Task Application

Multi Language Application English, Spanish, French, Chinese (bottom) Sample ToDo Task Application

Cross platform application tested Windows, Android, and Linux. Multi-language interfaces English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and many others are possible.

User is presented with list of any prior tasks. New tasks can be add via dialog box which can also be used to edit any prior task.

Multi Platform and Multi Language Interface

  • Multi Platform Windows, Android, Linux
  • Multi Language Interface for ESL Students
  • Database is managed useing persistant SQLite database
  • Data is read and written in data space on system OS
  • Fast and responsive based on C++


Add/edit task in English


Add/edit task in Spanish


Add/edit task in French


Add/edit task in Chenise

Multi-Language Interface

Cross platform Windows, Android, Linux

Many other options are available.

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